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    ATL Design Studio promises the best architectural, engineering and
    interior design solutions

Who We Are

ATL Architects is a Full Service Professional Consulting Agency operating since 2013 in Lahore, Pakistan. Comprising of a team of reputed Architects, Engineers & Interior Designers.

The key understanding is that every job is unique in size, budget and requirements and hence requires individual treatment. This is reflected in the firm's creative ability and technical expertise from concept to construction of each project.



Atl Design Studio offers services in engineering, architectural and interior designing. A design is not limited to planning stage because until and unless the high standard working drawings and project management consultancy is not provided a good building is impossible to be executed. Therefore, our most powerful strength is our team work that gets you the right results. We have a collective contribution of team in producing quality work during all our service stages. Our team works together from design, development and working drawings to construction for ensuring effective evaluation of the project


The heart and soul of what we provide.
Our comprehensive architectural services include
conceptual and schematic design..


Our interior design department offers creative
and intelligent responses to your goals and requirements.


We believe at your highest convenience in terms of
documentation and project delivery.



Business Head
Qualification: Bachelors in Accounting and Finance (LUMS).

Brief Introduction

Every company is as big as the vision of its leader. Hamza Khalid provides the necessary motivation and vision for the whole team. He truly believes that the best can only be achieved through team work. He actively takes part in every project and ensures only the best.

Kanwar Raheel

Principal Architect
Qualification: Bachelors in Architecture (NCA – Lahore).
Experience: 7 Years

Brief Introduction

Kanwar is a focused and enthusiastic leader of our design team. He has a very flexible design approach. He knows how to bring clients vision on to a paper. His unique sense of design and aesthetics enables him to turn dreams of every client into a reality. His exceptional communication skills makes him a perfect team lead.

Engr. Muhammad Umair Anwar

HOD (Head of Department)
Qualification: M.Sc. Structural Engineering, B.Sc. Civil Engineering
Experience: 8 Years

Brief Introduction

Umair Anwer is the Head of Engineering Department. His calm and positive approach towards every project is why his team looks up to him. He has designed a no. of Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects and handles all the technicalities faced during construction.

Afzeeba Hasanr

Interior Designer
Qualification: MPhil. Interior Designing (NCA)
Experience: 5 Years

Brief Introduction

Afzeeba is good at visualizing client’s demands and translating their imaginations into reality. Her positive attitude and professional skill set enables her to understand the essence of project.Ideology of designing for her is focused on meeting latest trends. Where, she has done and been doing residential and commercial projects assuring clients satisfaction.

Murad Zafar Syal

Construction Manager
Qualification: DAE - Civil.
Experience: 9 Years

Brief Introduction

Murad Zafar Syal has an exceptional management qualities. He believes in looking at the “Big Picture” before getting down to details. He is well versed with analysing the project and mitigating the risks involved. His involvement in the project is from conception to completion.

Muhammad Faisal Chaudhary

Business Development Manager
Qualification: MBA - Marketing
Experience: 10 Years

Brief Introduction

Faisal Chaudhary succeeded in attaining corporate objectives by implementing marketing tools and using proactive approach rather a reactive one. His experience in the field of marketing administration and accounts enables him to effectively communicate with the clients.