Business Development & Contract Signing

We believe at your highest convenience in terms of documentation and project delivery. Therefore, we carefully administer the business development process, where the contact signing is the most thoughtful procedure as it sets both the parties at risk. In order to save the hassle, our task force assures to document everything on mutual conditions.

Reconnaissance Survey

This is a type of survey that our taskforce of engineers and professionals conduct at your site to study the location details along with specifications. It helps both the team at work and client to better understand the dynamics of project for mutual cost benefit analysis.

Engineering Layout

We at ATL design studio develop a complete understanding of the space and present a conceptual layout. Our professionals and experts carefully study your location to visualize the spacingof all the important materials, facilities and resources.The placement and arrangement of the physical equipment is a challenging task but we have certified experts to provide cost effective and optimal solutions. We ensure afree workflow of people in a comfortable, secure, odor less and noise resistant environment.

The layout or design of your space is flexibly planned for maintenance of your equipment, maximum utilization of your area and easy management of operations.This process helps in ensuringand preplanning the implementation of any future expansion or material handling if required.

Structural Options

We provide best structural options that could meet clients’ safety and security needs. It is important that we ensure the strength of the building. Therefore, we discuss on reliability of the engineering project beforehand. This is also to ensure that structures do not collapse and stay stable throughout its life.

Structure Design

This refers to the designing of a strong and reliable structure that our team creates with a well-planned and vigilant layout for your building. We ensure that your structure is stable enough to standa life time. Our engineers and experts work collaboratively with clients to strategize the best and lasting structure possible. This includes the satisfaction of the structural resistance to applied load. We design our structures with a capacity and capability of handling external and internal weight without failure.Moreover, our structures are well designed with finished floors, intelligent equipment spacing, concrete foundations and security testing.

BOQ & Engineering Estimate

Bill of quantities is a document that we maintain to ensure the transparency of bidding in construction. It is a record of materials, labor, equipment and parts used. Additionally, it is an itemized unit to document the supplies costing as well that has been operated in building project.

Tendering & Bids Evaluation

Tenders are submitted with a careful evaluation of bidding criteria. This takes into account market competition and technical requirements. We propose the tender with complete project management for superior client satisfaction.

Project Management

It is a value added service that ATL Design Studio provides to its clients. We initiate, control, operate, execute and plan your complete project till its closing. Our taskforce manages your project from the beginning till the end to meet your unique goals and objectives despite of all the constraints.